Historically, the New England Lobster clambake is a tradition older than America itself. It is believed that the pilgrims watched Native Americans gather lobster, clams, mussels and fish and prepare them on the beach. They then dug a sand pit and lined it with coals and hot rocks. To the pit, they added the lobster and clams, covered them in fresh, wet seaweed and more hot rocks, steaming the lobster and shellfish in seawater.

Traditionally, today the clambake is a popular New England sunset dinner. We at LONG ISLAND CHOWDA CO.would like to bring these delicious lobster clambakes to Long Island.

There is nothing more fun and unique than serving an authentic old fashioned Lobster clambake to family and friends. Fresh produce and seafood from Long Island and up the coast to Maine will be sure to surprise and make your mouth water.

LONG ISLAND CHOWDA CO. BACKYARD LOBSTER CLAMBAKES recreate a New England clambake similar to the Native American's used to, using Maine saltwater rockweed and all. The only thing that makes ours different, is we do not dig a big hole in your yard.

WHAT IS A LOBSTER CLAMBAKE? (lob•stah clambake)



Allow us to create these same types of memories for you and your guests here on Long Island. A true authentic clambake that all of your guests will remember forever.  Be it at a rehearsal dinner, wedding, birthday, special family gathering, friends get together, client or employee appreciation, on location craft services or absolutely any reason, give us a call for a memorable (soon to be annual) event!

    LONG ISLAND CHOWDA CO. is an off-site Clambake Catering Company which serves a bowl of New England with the spice of Long Island at every event. Using the best quality ingredients from up North as well as fresh Long Island grown produce, your meal will be prepared in front of you by our expert team for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard, beach, or roof top deck.  We can provide an authentic New England style clambake anywhere.

Make your next event one to remember by surprising your guests with a unique, fun and delicious culinary experience. Whether you choose the Classic New England Style Lobster Clambake with our Wicked Good Clam Chowda or explore with swordfish skewers and skirt steak, your guests will enjoy seeing their meal prepared right in front of their eyes. Leave the been-done BBQ to your neighbors, and allow us to provide an exciting alternative for your next occasion.